Bathroom Renovation Tips

Is your bathroom starting to show its age? Tile faded and cracking? Leaks and drips everywhere? Paintwork just looking really sad? Well, it’s probably time for you to start considering a bathroom renovation.

Is your bathroom starting to show its age? Tile faded and cracking? Leaks and drips everywhere? Paintwork just looking really sad? Well, it’s probably time for you to start considering a bathroom renovation.

A challenging task, for sure, but so long as you commit to an excellent result, and taking planning seriously, you’ll have a fantastic new bathroom at the end of things. Here are our top 10 tips for making sure your renovation goes smoothly:


As exciting as the prospect of getting a new bathroom is, the first step involves planning. Research, collect, and write down any data that will be relevant. This includes what your maximum budget is, what styles of fixtures out like, magazine images that you could use for inspiration, all of it.

It’s important to use this step to prioritize things you absolutely need, and things that you can do without.

A renovation project can have the potential to overwhelm, but with proper planning and research beforehand, you can avoid any unnecessary stress down the line.

Embrace Simplicity 

A renovation doesn’t have to mean buying a lot of new things and cluttering the space. Instead, try and consider embracing simplicity for your renovation project.

That means, instead of simply thinking about things to put into the space, consider things you could take away. Do you really need the full-size bathtub? Is the extra large sink the best use of space?

Always thing about maximizing space by embracing simplicity and efficiency over clutter.

Work With Professionals 

Don’t try and attempt a bathroom renovation unless you have significant experience! We cannot stress this enough. Any building project, as especially something of this scale, can lead to expensive mistakes as well as serious injury if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Always choose to work with professionals, and bring them on board early. They can help you with planning, sourcing resources, and will be able to provide invaluable advice.

Arrange For Back-Up Bathroom Facilities

Unless you have a spare bathroom available to you, remember that during a renovation project you will most likely lose the use of the bathroom. So make sure that you have thought about back-up facilities.

This might include a motel or hotel stay for a few days, or arranging for a portable bathroom, or even seeing if a friendly neighbour would be willing to open their bathroom up to you.

Go For Quality

Always choose quality over inferior products at cheaper prices. A bathroom renovation is a long-term investment, so treat it as such. Everything from fixtures, fittings, and even the professionals you work with need to be selected based on their quality, not on how cheap you could get them for.

Of course, you don’t want to go overboard, but finding that balance between cost and quality will be an important element of your renovation.

Really Consider Your Shower Screen Options

When it comes to shower screens, Sydney home renovators are spoiled for choice. A quality shower screen can truly define the look of your bathroom, so it’s important to spend some time on this decision.

Do you want the spacious feel of a glass shower screen? Or something frameless or semi-frameless? These are all considerations you will have to make during the process. Look at the lifestyle of your family to help make your decision.

Don’t Forget About Ventilation

People tend to forget about important details like ventilation. Don’t fall into the same trap. Remember that a bathroom is an incredibly damp environment, and without a proper system for venting moisture, you could end up with mould issues.

So budget for a quality fan and ventilation system during your planning phase.

Enjoy the Process!

Above all else, remember that this is meant to be an enjoyable process! You’re going to have the bathroom of your dreams! So don’t forget to try and have fun while you’re at it!

The less stressed you allow yourself to get, the better the decisions you make will be.

So have fun and good luck with your renovation! And remember, for any help you can contact the AdCapry team. We have provided glass shower screens Sydney bathroom renovators trust for years! Contact us now!